Cynthia B. Todd, Ph.D., LLC.

Licensed School Psychologist, Licensed Mental Health Counselor,
FL. Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, Divorce Coach and Parent Coordinator


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Are All Test Evaluators the Same?

No. Although all psychologists are trained to give these tests properly, there can be tremendous variation in the results based upon the child’s level of security and comfort with the examiner. Dr. Todd is skilled in working with children, especially little one. She knows how to establish limits and take control so the child stays on task. Knowing when to push a reluctant child and when to encourage and give reinforcement without turning off a child is an art that Dr. Todd as developed through many years of experience and with a wide variety of children. She enjoys children and they seem to sense that so rapport is easily established. With Dr. Todd as our choice of examiner, you can be assured that your child will enjoy the experience and do well on the test.

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