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Gifted Testing


Educational Testing For Gifted Placement


        Dr. Todd uses two individualized educational tests, approved by the School District of the Palm Beaches for gifted placement.   One test is the current edition of the Wechsler Individual Achievement Test (WIAT). Her preference, however, is the Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement, (W-J III Normative Update-Ach), as it is used nationally for placement of exceptional children.


 The Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement,Normative Update:

The W-J III Normative Update-Ach. as it is known, consists of a number of basic subtests, which are designed to measure the core aspects of basic academic skills, which contribute to academic achievement. The results are described in standard scores and percentiles, as well as in age and grade equivalents. The test yields a comprehensive profile of the child's actual achievement in core areas. This test covers Reading, Math, Writing and Following Directions


   For purposes of gifted testing, the Palm Beach Public Schools district requests only scores on the Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Achievement, Normative Update on the Broad Reading Cluster and the Broad Math Cluster. Both the Broad Reading Cluster and the Broad Math Cluster consists of three subtests.


Broad Reading Cluster

     Letter-Word Identification measures basic reading skills in identifying letters and words and pronouncing words correctly. It also offers insight into a child’s phonetic word attack skills.


     Reading Fluency measures the ability to read very simple sentences, under a timed condition, while retaining an understanding of the statement. The person determines if the statement is true or false.


     Passage Comprehension consists of three parts, with the beginning level consisting of a pictographic representation of a word that is matched with a symbol. Next, pictured items must be matched with a short phrase describing one of the pictures. Lastly, a short passage is read and a missing key word identified  to give meaning to the paragraph.


 Broad Math Cluster

     Math Calculation measures basic arithmetic skills in the basic math processes such as; addition, subtraction,  multiplication, division, fractions, algebra, trigonometry and calculus.


      Math Fluency measures the ability to solve simple addition, subtraction and multiplication facts quickly.


      Applied Problems requires a person to analyze and solve math problems.


Educational Screening:

     When a parent or teacher needs a quick assessment of a child’s basic skills in reading math calculation and spelling, the current version of the Wide Range Achievement Test is an accurate and quick assessment tool. This test can be administered in a group for the math and spelling sections and individually for the reading portion. A grade level equivalent score is obtained. This test is relatively inexpensive. High sores on this test may indicate the need for a more comprehensive achievement test, especially if the child is being considered for a program for the gifted or is being considered for acceleration.



Gifted Testing Criteria For Academic Testing

     The criteria established by the Palm Beach County School District for admission into their gifted programs is a percentile score of 90 or above on an individually administered standardized, approved educational test. For the Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement, Normative Update, the Broad Cluster score and the Broad Math Cluster score is used. Children must obtain a qualifying score in one or both of the clusters. For very young children, the Broad Reading Cluster scores cannot be obtained and thus may be incomplete. In this case, the school system requests an additional subtest in reading nonsense words. A Brief Reading scores obtained. This score must fall in the 90 percentile or above.