Cynthia B. Todd, Ph.D., LLC.

Licensed School Psychologist, Licensed Mental Health Counselor,
FL. Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, Divorce Coach and Parent Coordinator


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Evaluation of Disabilities and Disorders


     Dr. Toddís expertise in the area of disabilities and disorders stems from the breadth of her education and experience in the fields of special education, school psychology and counseling. With a Masterís degree in Special Education (Emotionally Disturbed), a Masterís Degree in Psychology, (Child-Clinical) and a Ph.D. that specialized in Counseling, her cross training sets her apart from others.


     Beginning her career at UCLA Brain Research Institute, Cynthia worked as a research technician and then as an electroencephalographic technician to identify seizures in children and adults.  As a student in Special Education, Dr. Todd worked on the childrenís ward in a state mental hospital. As a Special Education Diagnostician, she designed and administered a short-term psychoeducational diagnostic center for a large hospital. As a school psychologist for Arlington Public Schools she was responsible for identifying and evaluating handicapped children, including babies, preschoolers, and adults.


     As a teacher, Dr. Todd was selected to set up the first program for the Emotionally Disturbed in Farmington, Michigan. She was one of two persons selected to set up the first two programs for the Educationally Handicapped (Specific Learning Disabled) for the Beverly Hills, CA. Unified School System. She has taught mentally retarded teens and served as a Diagnostic-Prescriptive Title III teacher for the Arlington Schools. She thus has had first hand experience in understanding the role of the special education teacher, as well as knowing what recommendations are needed for assisting special needs children. She served as an elementary counselor before beginning her work as a school psychologist for Arlington Public Schools in Virginia. This school district is considered one of the top schools in the US. There, she worked with a diverse population that came from all over the world. She also encountered a variety of handicapping conditions in the school districtís population of preschoolers through adults. She was chosen as a liaison between Sleepy Hollow Psychiatric Hospital and Arlington Schools to serve hospitalized adolescent youths. Dr. Todd was also an associate in a private practice  in Reston, Va. She was the evaluator for a clinical practice offering psychological evaluations and consultations for specific learning disabilities, mental retardation, reading disorders, attention deficit disorder and emotional disturbance. After eighteen years of work with the Arlington school system, Dr. Todd  is  now offering these same services in the Jupiter-Palm Beach area through her private practice.