Cynthia B. Todd, Ph.D., LLC.

FL Licensed School Psychologist

       FL Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Nationally Board Certified School Psychologist

   Military and Family Life Consultant

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14255 U.S. Highway 1

Juno Beach, Fl. 33408



 Dr. Todd has been testing gifted children in the Jupiter-Palm Beach area since 1999. Before coming to Jupiter, she tested children for the Fairfax and Arlington School System in the state of Virginia for over twenty-five years. Dr. Todd takes her responsibility to identify giftedness in children seriously. Children placed in these programs must live up to high standards and must work at an accelerated rate. Thus, Dr. Todd makes sure that her testing and scoring is accurate and that the children are given the time necessary to make them feel comfortable, so that they are prepared to do their best during the testing session.


    Dr. Todd is noted for her rapport and patience with children, as she creates an environment in which they can perform to their fullest potential.  Regardless of whether or not they are shy, over-energetic or distractible, she is able to draw out their special intellectual gifts. Although the main purpose of the visit may be to determine the child’s intellectual potential for gifted school placement, Dr. Todd also carefully analyzes their personality, their testing performance and their intellectual strengths and weaknesses Regardless of the outcome, in regard to whether or not a child is determined to be gifted, recommendations will be made to assist the parents in finding the right school placement for their child and to guide them in the right direction regarding the development of their child’s talents and gifts.

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